Free wildfire risk assessments offered in tri-county area

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Posted at 11:12 AM, Mar 10, 2023
and last updated 2023-04-18 14:47:33-04

The Tri County FireSafe Working group, and local fire departments encourage property owners in Lewis & Clark, Jefferson, and Broadwater counties to sign-up and participate in a free wildfire risk assessment.

TCFSWG says spring is a great time to identify risks and prepare your property for wildfire season.

“The most important person in protecting your life and property is not the firefighter, but you.” stated Rocky Infanger, Chief of the Wolf Creek-Craig Fire Department. “The pre-treatment of the home ignition zone is one of the most proactive ways a property owner can reduce potential loss of life and property in the event of wildfire.”

Assessments focus on the home ignition zone, including landscaping, home construction materials and vegetation. On larger properties, the assessments will include areas beyond 200 feet of buildings to assess hazardous fuels, and property ingress/egress as well.

“On-site assessments provide valuable one-one education and are followed up with a recommendations plan that a property owner can use if they choose to move forward with a mitigation project,” stated TCFSWG Executive Director, Amy Teegarden. “We have funding available to assist property owners with the removal of hazardous vegetation, however completion of a risk assessment is required to be eligible for our cost-share program.”

TCFSWG is a non-profit organization that assists property owners in becoming better adapted to living in wildfire-prone areas. Their programs offer free wildfire risk assessments, technical assistance, and cost-share funding for mitigation projects to reduce hazardous fuels and other conditions that are susceptible to ignition.

The group also notes it's a great idea to speak to your neighbors about risk and mitigation since wildfires often affect neighboring properties.

To learn more about the program and to schedule a free assessment visit the TCFSWG webpage at to apply.