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A Great Falls woman and her cat are going viral on Tik Tok

Posted at 9:29 AM, Nov 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-10 11:29:42-05

A Great Falls woman and her faithful feline are using the power of social media to educate cat owners and advocate for adoption.

Katrina Roberts started her TikTok video channel called “lemonletter” just five months ago. Since then, it’s become the cat's meow for feline fans around the globe. "I hit 100,000 followers last week which was really insane," Roberts said.

She's a big fan of social media; the adventure began with a request from her boss at Pet Paw-See in Great Falls to upload a few videos of foster kittens to the streaming app.

"The second one that I uploaded just blew up,” she said. “So it was extremely cool."

Roberts is a college student in Idaho and also works, but still finds time to upload videos that educate and entertain her followers.


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"I just posted a video a while back of why you can’t have lilies in your house if you have cats,” she said. “Because lilies are extremely toxic to cats and apparently a lot of people didn’t know that and it was really interesting to see.”

She's passionate about adoption and says it's important that pets aren't forgotten during a pandemic. “It’s much easier to adopt a cat during a pandemic because once you leave...they’re cats - they’re very, very self-sufficient.”

Roberts says she's helped cats find forever homes around the country through her channel and has even had interest from around the world when it comes to adoption.

LemonLetter on Tik Tok