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Alluvion Health hosts garage sale

Posted at 6:42 AM, Jun 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-14 08:42:57-04

Alluvion Health hosted a garage sale on Saturday to raise money to help its patients.

The garage sale is meant to meet patients’ needs and raise money to support efforts and the creation of a hygiene pantry.

All items were donated by staff and others and rated at a low cost, but if someone couldn't afford it, they would give away the piece for free.

We spoke with Maria Grow, who's a care coordinator at Alluvion Health: "I love my job at Alluvion Health, being able to help people that do need those things, and you know being able to give it to them at a discounted price, and all the money that we are raising to help them in the long run."

She also explains why this is important: "We see a lot of patients daily who need a lot of necessities. We reach out to different community resources, but if they aren't available, we tried to provide those for them. So raising money through this garage sale will help benefit those patients that are in need."