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Donations to Goodwill are on the rise

Posted at 6:53 PM, Jun 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-23 16:53:23-04

Goodwill Donation Centers across the country and state are experiencing a large number of donations over a short period of time.

Easter-Seals Goodwill Community Relations Officer Chelle Fried explained that this year’s total number of donations isn’t greater than last year’s, the rush with which donors have brought in donations is.

While the donations are certainly generous, the rise in donations is attributable to not just ‘good will’ but good cleaning habits.

“Everyone had to go home and self-quarantine. And while they’re home it’s a great time to do spring cleaning. But then all of our stores had to close,” Fried said.

When Goodwill locations closed on March 28th, donors had to hold off on donations for over a month. So when stores finally reopened, there wasn’t time to catch up for the 34 days out of operation.

“What happened is when stores reopened May 1st, an influx of people came,and so 34 days of donations started coming all at once instead of spread out across that time-frame,” Fried said.

Although stores can’t take large hauls all at once, Fried said you have a better chance of getting your goods collected by calling first.

“We do have limited donation hours. In the past, the donation hours were always the same as store hours. But right now, because of the influx and running out of storage facilities for the donations...we ask that you call the store first to see if we are currently accepting donations at that moment,” Fried said.

Not only will this ensure that you’re able to be serviced on the day you arrive, but it can help traffic move slowly now that workers have to take extra steps to make sure their donations and shoppers are safe from COVID-19.