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CERT booth at Montana State Fair offered basic first aid

Posted at 9:48 AM, Aug 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-05 11:48:53-04

It was the last weekend of the Montana State Fair and both the heat and the crowds paid a visit.

With the large turnout and high temperatures at Montana ExpoPark, accidents and overheating became more likely.

A CERT-ified team, however, was on hand to help from tending to basic scrapes to escaping the heat.

The Cascade County Community Emergency Response Team, or CERT, had a booth set up in the Mercantile Building where a team of CPR and first aid certified volunteers were stationed.

President of Cascade County CERT, Jenny Watson, said CERT had several fairgoers stop by their booth for various reasons.

“We’ve had a burn come in this year already. Some of the other ones: a lot of blisters, several cuts, and just people in general not feeling well,” Watson said.

CERT also helped overheated patrons cool off.

“People come in, they may not have been drinking enough, so it’s way too hot for them. We can come help them out at least a little bit. Especially when they’re inside here, they’re getting a little cooler than outside where the sun’s blaring on them,” Watson said.

An EMS team was also at the fairgrounds for more intense circumstances.