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City of Great Falls publishes list of unclaimed personal property

Items include guns, credit cards, brass knuckles, space heaters, golf clubs, and more
Posted at 2:02 PM, Nov 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-12 16:02:37-05

The City of Great Falls has published its periodic list of unclaimed personal property.

In accordance with municipal code , the Great Falls Police Department "shall attempt to notify the legal owner of unclaimed property by publishing a list of unclaimed property in its custody the first week of January, April, July, and October of each calendar year on the Great Falls City website."

If you believe that any of the items listed below are yours, you are asked to call the GFPD Property Room at 406-455-8541. Leave a detailed message that includes your name, your phone number, and a description of the property you are claiming (such as: color, serial number, make, model, manufacturer). If you had reported the property lost or stolen, provide your case number. An evidence technician will contact you within five business days to follow up with your claim.

City code states that all unclaimed, non-evidentiary personal property valued at more than $20, in the possession of the GFPD for a period of at least three months, may be sold by the City at public auction for cash to the highest bidder or disposed of in any appropriate manner not in conflict with any federal, state, or local laws or regulations.

Here is a partial list:

· Winchester 7mm rifle

· Black/silver 9mm Highpoint
· Glock Pistol
· Glock
· Brass Knuckles
· Powerclimber 18 speed shimano bike
· Tote bag, gray w/gold circle design and rope handle; containing multiple contents to include clothing, cosmetics and a woman's purse (gray)
· Electric space heater, black with wood burning look
· Outdoor space heater for use with propane tank, silver
· Knife w/ skulls on it
· Crown Royal bag w/ one 9mm cartridge
· BB pistol in holster
· .17 ammuniton in box and magazine
· tan black and decker router bit storage case with routers bits inside
· purple and blue golf bag containing 28 assorted clubs
· Voit black and blue golf bag with 5 clubs
· Roadmaster 27 18 speed
· men's 27 inch bike
· 13 Rounds of .45 Federal Ammo
· Black iPhone and Wallet, both belonging to Joseph Beaver
· Black Samsung smartphone
· several ID's that the Comfort in was holding for several years
· Teal Huffy fanny pack filled with tools
· Blue Specialized Hardrock Bicycle
· Matte black bicycle w/ pegs on front and rear
· Kent Charos bicycle
· Misc. keys to vehicles and equipment
· front and rear license plate of 2-26762B MT
· black gym bag-- 2 backpacks & folder w/paperwork inside
· red star shape king ring with alot of keys attached to the key ring
· Magna 27 inch 18 speed green mountain bike
· SOG tactical tomahawk
· Huffy 27 inch 18 speed bike
· Black lawn bag full of blanket, clothes and misc. items, inside black laundry hamper
· kids small bike gray in color
· Black Iphone
· Black alcatel phone
· Silver Iphone S in black "PINK" case (Unknown model, no visible serial number)
· Gambling box set
· Welding Mask

There are also several other items on the list such as identification cards/driver's licenses with names on them, and license plates; click here to see more items on the City website .