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Community helps mask-maker purchase new sewing machine

Posted at 5:28 PM, Jul 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-28 11:13:11-04

Days after viewers learned of one generous mask-maker in need of a sewing machine, supporters statewide stepped up to help.

Mask-maker Linda Brambley has spent the past 4 months of the pandemic making masks for those who can’t afford them, despite having lost her job a few months prior.

When Brambley’s sewing machine stopped working - forcing her to make masks by hand - the community gave her a hand in return.

“I’ve had four different people offer me sewing machines. So I did take one - the first one that got a hold of me,” Brambley said.

But the giving spirit wasn’t ready to go just yet. One Missoulian was moved by Brambley’s selflessness and set up a GoFundMe in her honor, with a goal of raising $500 for Brambley’s new sewing machine. The fundraiser brought in $625 - enough for Brambley to purchase both a new sewing machine and more mask-making supplies.

“That was a “wow” moment. I was not expecting that. I wasn’t expecting anybody to help out so that was really exciting,” Brambley said, “I guess it’s that whole thing that good brings on good. and it’s just making everybody else you know wanna pitch in and help out. so that’s really great.”

Word of Brambley’s efforts made it across the country - piquing the interest of viewers in Missoula, Kalispell and New Mexico!

Brambley said she never thought her masks would make such a difference.

“I remember thinking if I make 500 masks, I'll stop after 500 because...I just didn’t think that that many people would want them. and then it just keeps going up higher and higher... and people keep donating fabric and long as the donations are there, I’ll just keep on sewing,” Brambley said.

Thanks to her new machine, she can keep sewing for as long as the community needs her to.

“I’m up to like 1,700 right now...I wanna make at least probably 2,000. But if the need is still there, I'll keep on sewing while I can,” Brambley said.

Now that she can purchase a machine of her own, the passionate sewer will try to fix and sell her old sewing machine so someone else can keep the good going.

“If anybody needs one, I’ll get that one fixed and someone can have it!” Brambley said.

If you’d like one of Brambley’s masks, you can contact her on Facebook [].