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Feedback wanted on proposed 'active space' in Great Falls

Planners hope to have an active space created in about two years
Great Falls active space
Posted at 12:27 PM, Jul 18, 2023

GREAT FALLS — Table tennis, a giant checkerboard on the ground, and corn hole are just some examples of how an active space in downtown Great Falls could be used.

The active space project started in 2022 and is also part of a larger effort that has been underway since 2016.

With conceptual designs of a possible future active space in downtown Great Falls set up during last week's Downtown Night Market, people stopped by to see them.

Tanya Bercier was one of them and liked the idea of an active space.

"It'd be great for people to come down and be able to sit or play some games or have something else to do besides drink or drugs," said Bercier.

"We've been getting tons of feedback from our community," said project coordinator Kim Skornogoski.

She said three possible locations had been identified for an active space.

"We've prioritized those spaces, so now that we have the design we'll be approaching the landowners to see if they're interested in working with us," Skornogoski explained.

This is the latest project by a committee led by Skornogoski that was created around 2016 to figure out how to create more active spaces in the city.

The painted crosswalks downtown and wayfinding signs are examples of other projects.

Downtown Great Falls Association director Kellie Pierce said the conceptual design for the space was largely inspired by spaces in other communities.

"Actually, one of our visuals behind us is a park in Boise. So close to home that we can turn into our own because they have similar weather conditions," said Pierce.

Bercier said she's open to ideas for the space in Great Falls.

"Anything to get people out from in front of their computers and phones and downtown," Bercier said.

Planners hope the first permanent active space will be in place in about two years, with more to potentially come after that.

To provide feedback on the proposed active space, click here to complete the survey.