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GFES offers 'Stop The Bleed' training

Stop The Bleed
Posted at 7:59 AM, May 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-11 11:16:14-04

GREAT FALLS — May is national "Stop The Bleed Month," dedicated to encouraging people to get trained to be able to help provide treatment to people bleeding severely.

Great Falls Emergency Services offers training and is trying to promote it this month.

"We have a poster about, very generally, how to stop bleeding,” said Katelyn Throckmorton, GFES EMT and field training officer as she described items related to the training displayed on a table.

Great Falls Emergency services is well-equipped to help teach you how to "stop the bleed," also known as BCON training, which is short for bleeding control training.

"We all know that in the context of a cardiac arrest, it's very important for a bystander or a family member to start chest compressions right away. It's a very similar situation in the context of severe bleeding. A very bad bleed, external bleed, can kill someone very, very quickly,” said GFES General Manager Justin Grohs.

Katelyn Throckmorton, GFES EMT

For $30 per person - or free for nonprofits - GFES will come to your business or organization and teach you what to do.

"It's very straight forward. A lot of it's basically common sense,” Grohs said.

While the steps to help stop bleeding may be common sense, the training is still important.

"It's nice for folks to have some hands-on experience and practice, which is a big part of what the training is,” said Grohs.

If you’re interested in receiving the training, call GFES at 406-453-5300. Click here for more information about Stop The Bleed Month


GFES offers 'Stop The Bleed' training