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Great Fall students show off their "Thriller" moves

90 costumed students filled the gymnasium
Posted at 2:40 PM, Nov 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-01 16:40:03-04

On Thursday afternoon, sixth-graders at Meadow Lark Elementary School showed their Halloween spirit with a performance of the song "Thriller."

Ninety costumed students filled the gymnasium as they moved to the groove of the classic Michael Jackson song. After taking a week to tackle the choreography, the dancers were thrilled to show off their steps, a tradition for six years at the school.

After learning the steps only a matter of days ago, Maci Hedges was able to model her moves in the front row: “I just got really into it and it was really fun,” Hedges said.

Sixth-grader Shane Thomas was selected to (moon)walk in Michael Jackson's shoes for the number. “One day everybody was just like somebody should be Michael Jackson...Hey look, Shane's tall enough! And then we threw together a costume, chopped of a wig. Here i am,” Thomas said.

Thomas was anxious pre-performance but pleasantly surprised when he took the stage. “I was anxious like hours before because I didn’t know what we were gonna do, what I was gonna do at the start,” Thomas said.

He has some advice for next year’s dancers: “Don’t stress about it. It’s just fun.There’s no pressure. So what if you mess up! It’s part of the fun!”