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Great Falls baker turns her hobby into a business

Brick House Bakery & Sweet Treats
Posted at 9:31 AM, Oct 24, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-24 11:31:26-04

In 2007, Amanda Brooks began baking banana bread for her friends to enjoy. It was such a hit amongst her crowd, that she had people asking to purchase the bread off of her. Brooks, who’s been baking for years, decided to add more recipes to her repertoire. With these recipes, she began to complete special orders for her friends and beyond.

These days demand for her services has gotten to the point where its begun to outgrow her home kitchen.

“It was taking over our house. I had baking stuff everywhere,” says Brooks, who has completed her move into a test space for her business, called Brick House Bakery & Sweet Treats at Mise En Place Kitchens, located at 721 Sixth Street SW, Suite C.

“So I moved into here and I was only doing special orders still. Then people kept asking me, when are you going to just be open? When can we just come get our caramel rolls? So I’ve now started to be open Sundays from 9 to 2, and I might start opening Saturdays as well."

The relocation is a stepping stone for Brooks to test her business model while she hopes to propel herself into a life devoted to baking. Brooks works another full time job from Monday to Friday, so it’s currently impossible to operate her bakery as a full-time job, but she says she’s hopeful that she can eventually open up her bakery business for good.

“I was a barista for a while and I loved doing coffee and the baked goods. My dream eventually is to have my own coffee house, bakery, where people can just come, hang out and relax a little bit,” she says.

For now though, she’s just grateful her passion is fueling her dream towards success.

“I just wanted to see if Great Falls could support another bakery. I know we have several, but the response has been great and I have great customers. So, it's been pretty awesome. It's kind of just surreal that I’m here. I’m doing it!”