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Great Falls Clinic Hospital prepares for expansion

Great Falls Clinic Hospital prepares for expansion
Samantha Kaupish, director of Development & Marketing for Great Falls Clinic
Posted at 4:10 PM, Mar 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-10 18:10:07-05

GREAT FALLS — The Great Falls Clinic Hospital has been patiently waiting for their time to expand and serve more patients. After extensive planning with the city and architects, their time is quickly approaching with a $58 million expansion coming up this year.

Marketing director Samantha Kaupish said the clinic has been planning the expansion for at least a year and the entire staff is ready to see it.

“We probably could have done it a few years ago but with Covid, you know that kind of put plans on hold so we’re ready now. It’s huge it means that we’re growing rapidly. It means that we have a lot of patients that are seeking healthcare with our organization that people are active with their healthcare and want to take care of their health,” Kaupish said.

The expansion is expected to be done in three phases, with a scheduled groundbreaking in May. An overview of the project from a news release:

The Great Falls Clinic Hospital is approximately 60,000 square feet with 19 inpatient rooms, seven ER bays, three operating rooms, one procedure room, and several observation beds. New expansion plans are set to occur in three separate stages to add 58,800 square feet to the existing facility. The total facility footprint will sit at approximately 117,800 square feet once all construction phases are completed.

Phase one will consist of building the new hospital tower, which will include a cardiac diagnostic and intervention (Cath lab) suite, 10-bed intensive care unit (ICU), and procedural space. The second floor will include an 18-bed inpatient medical/surgical unit and the upper floor will serve as administrative spaces but will be shelled to add an additional 18-inpatient beds in the future. Phase one is scheduled for completion in August 2023. Phase two involves the expansion of the west wing, which will include a new high complexity laboratory, pharmacy space, expanded sterile processing, and two operating rooms. Phase two is scheduled for completion in January 2024.

Phase three will include interior renovations to accommodate growth in the clinical spaces and will include updates to the cafeteria, central supply, emergency department, and support services. Phase three completion is tentative based on phases one and two schedule.

The Clinic has had an increased workload the last few months, and the expansion is a way to help address that.

Blessing Odusola is a nuclear medicine technologist that works with radioactive material for testing. She says she has seen an increased workload the last several months but her department has handled it well.

Odusola said, “We have been busy; we have been preparing for more patients. In my department we are getting a new camera. We’re trying to compare the amount of workload we’re going to have and see if we can match that right now. It’s exciting because there’s so much groundbreaking stuff to be done. And if we are getting presented the opportunity to do those things, I feel like that’s a stepping stone for everybody.”

The Great Falls Clinic Hospital is at 3010 15th Avenue South.


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