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Great Falls College-MSU is soliciting suggestions for a mascot

Great Falls College-MSU
Shannon Marr, Great Falls College-MSU
Stephanie Erdman, the dean of Great Falls College
Great Falls College-MSU
Great Falls College-MSU
Great Falls College
Posted at 5:24 PM, Oct 05, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-05 19:24:08-04

Great Falls College-MSU is beginning the process of selecting a mascot, and is soliciting suggestions from the community. Choosing a mascot is designed to "rally school spirit and build excitement around a campus culture," according to the school.

"We want Great Falls College to have something that people easily identify with that really elevates the image of our college,” said Shannon Marr, the recruitment and enrollment director for the school. "We've been asked by students for a long time about a mascot and it never really had any momentum behind it."

With a $100,000 grant secured for re-branding, the college feels the time is now right.

"We're excited to see what unfolds as the submissions happen and what people come up with with their ideas,” Marr said. "You know, there's been talk already about how we can incorporate that into our current logo around the shield and the waterfall being used to promote some of our programs whether you have a mascot that's doing actual welding or nursing or dental work or something like that. So really showcasing what it is our college has to offer."

"I am really excited,” said Stephanie Erdmann, the Great Falls College-MSU Dean/CEO.

Erdmann said the brand identity the college is trying to create is important and she's glad to be helping lead the college into a new era: "It's important to have something to build school spirit, that provides enthusiasm and the ability to rally around something."

So what would she like the mascot to be?

Stephanie Erdman, the dean of Great Falls College
Stephanie Erdman, Dean of Great Falls College-MSU

"The River Otters! I love the river otters. But we could be the tornadoes, we could be the starfish. Hopefully not, but we could,” Erdmann said, laughing.

Some of the things the mascot committee will take into consideration:

  • Easy to recognize, understand, and pronounce
  • Shows a sense of community
  • Elevates the image of the college
  • Works with our existing shield logo
  • Portrays the values of Great Falls College
  • Reflects central Montana identity

If you have an idea for a mascot, you can submit it on the school website by clicking here.

Suggestions already submitted include: pronghorns; otters; wolverines; squirrels; river rats; and elks:

Great Falls College mascot suggestions

Submissions will be accepted through October 17, and will then be evaluated by a committee. The top three choices will then be shared and put to a public vote from December 19 through December 30.

The "big reveal" for the new mascot is scheduled for January 24, 2023.