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Great Falls Community Food Bank asks for help keeping shelves stocked

Posted at 2:48 PM, Apr 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-16 16:48:58-04

The Great Falls Community Food Bank is asking for help stocking the shelves. They say that because of how much people have been hoarding food lately, it has caused delays in production, making it harder for the food bank to get supplies.

"What we need is people to bring us food, especially if people have bought too much and they realize now they shouldn't, please donate that - any food drives around town I don't care with what charity," said says food bank director Shaun Tatarka.

He explained, "Right now our shelves are looking pretty good, we have seen an outpouring in this town, that is amazing. This is a very generous community in the last month. People have stepped forward and asked what can we do. Can we bring you food? Bring you cash? It's been heartwarming, so the shelves are in pretty good shape. We are looking pretty good at this point."

But May seems to be on their mind the most. "I don't know what May is going to be looking like - my suppliers, the places were we are going to be buying food. They are having a hard time keeping up with the production. So we have some funds we have been dipping into our reserves, and we have also been receiving a lot of donations."

"The problem could get to be a supply issue. I'm hoping that doesn't happen. I think maybe the hoarding has really caused all of this, and has kind of stopped. I think we are going to be okay, but I'm a little concerned about May right now."

Some items they need are pasta, spaghetti, canned corn, sloppy joe mix, canned chili, and soup.

If you'd like to donate or get more information, click here to visit the website , or call them at 406-452-9029; they are located at 1620 12th Avenue North.