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Great Falls Police Department shares details about some recent calls for service

Great Falls Police Department shares details about some recent calls for service
Posted at 9:03 AM, Aug 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-12 11:09:48-04

The Great Falls Police Department shared information on its Facebook page about several recent incidents that officers responded to - here are some of the highlights:

GFPD personnel have responded to 28,973 calls for service so far this year, compared to 29,845 for the same time last year. Here are a few interesting calls of the 4,081 we’ve responded to in the last 30 days, including:
🚓 27 Animals in vehicles
🚓 16 Auto thefts
🚓 481 Disturbances (family, general, juvenile, noise)
🚓 13 DUIs
🚓 51 Shoplifts
🚓 83 Wanted persons

  • An ACO responded to a community member concerned about the welfare of a dog in a neighbor’s backyard. Thankfully, the ACO did not find a dog but did find a small barbecue grill. The reporting party insisted and only became convinced once they were taken to see for themselves.
  • Officers were dispatched to investigate suspicious activity after a caller reported a person in a field acting strangely by swinging their jacket around. Officers found a hobbyist flying a remote controlled helicopter.
  • Officers were unable to locate two people allegedly defecating on or near vehicle in a parking lot.
  • A concerned motorist flagged down an officer after seeing two young children in a car unrestrained. The officer strategically allowed the vehicle to get in front of them and observed a small child hanging out, past their torso, from a rear window. Upon contact with the grandparent (driver), the officer was told a parent was in the back seat but would not keep the kids buckled in. Driver was cited.
  • Driver was cited after an officer clocked the vehicle going 40 MPH in a 25 MPH school zone. As the officer attempted to stop the vehicle the driver continued speeding, causing the officer to use the siren to get the driver’s attention. Upon contact, the driver admitted to using their phone to record a video of their young child in the back seat.
  • Officers responded to a shoplift complaint after a store’s loss prevention team observed a person put a pint of ice cream down their pants and leave the store without paying for it. Officers cited and trespassed the suspect, located nearby waiting for a bus.
  • Officers assisted game wardens with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Region 4 and firefighters from Great Falls Fire Rescue corral and capture a cow moose inside city limits. Click here for details.