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Great Falls Police Department warns of "spoofed" phone calls

GFPD says some call are showing up on caller ID as "GF Police."
Posted at 3:40 PM, Feb 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-21 17:40:43-05

The Great Falls Police Department said on Friday afternoon that they have received more than 100 calls today from people across the country who received phone calls from the GFPD main phone number.

The GFPD said that some of the calls are even showing up on caller ID as "GF Police."

The scammers are typically saying they are from the Social Security Administration or a bank and are saying:

🚓 a school grant is available if you purchase iTunes gift cards and send them in

🚓 there is a warrant for your arrest
🚓 someone is using your SSN and attempt to verify the number
🚓 you will get something if you purchase Target gift cards and send them in
🚓 potential victims are being investigated for money laundering, student loan scams, and purchasing narcotics.

Often the scammers are leaving messages and asking the recipient to call them back at our number.

The GFPD said in a Facebook post: "Obviously these calls are not coming from inside the GFPD. We have taken calls from as far away as New Jersey, California, Alabama, and Tennessee. We are confident the issue will 'run its course' and the calls will stop soon but, in the meantime, please share this post, especially if you have friends and family in other states."