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GFPS Foundation announces Great Falls High School band room renovations

Posted at 9:21 PM, Jul 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-14 09:15:18-04

Thanks to a private donation of $150,000, the Great Falls High School band room will soon be getting a facelift.

According to Great Falls High Fine Arts Department Supervisor Dusty Molyneaux, the current band room was originally built as a multipurpose room for the band and orchestra programs back in the 1950s. That, along with the fact that it sits on the second floor of the school, have made some things more difficulty for Molyneaux and others over the years.

Both Molyneaux and Great Falls High School principal Geoff Habel expressed their gratitude towards the foundation and the private donors for the generous gift.

"What this renovation is going to do for us is just going to be incredible for the way that we can use that facility again,” Molyneaux said. “We'll be getting rid of the risers in there. We'll have a flat floor. And if you've ever moved an eight foot xylophone marimba combination, you would know why that's a good thing.”

Both the board of trustees and the audience sat with masks covering most of their faces until it was their turn to get up and speak.

Molyneaux also said that the new band room renovations are scheduled to take place this summer, and that the newly updated space will be complete with new instrument storage, lighting and flooring.