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Hoglund’s celebrates western traditions and service

"Outfitted" at Hoglund's Western Wear
Posted at 6:38 PM, Jul 06, 2022
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GREAT FALLS — Hoglund’s Western Wear is celebrating 71 years in Great Falls. Mike Marzetta’s life has been dedicated to his store - 45 years ago, he took a job and hasn’t looked back.

“I walk in the door, it’s my life, you know, think about it, 45 years in one place. That’s a career,” he noted.

Mike Marzetta

Stories of boots, buckets, shirts, and much more is what has kept this institution alive.

More importantly, the lifelong customers are what make it survive.

Brandon Robbins is 17 years old; he began working for Hoglund’s as a maintenance worker, shadowing Mike perform duties around the store. Hard work and determination promoted himself to a floor associate.

Brandon may be young, but he is wise beyond his years, understanding the value of customer service.

Brandon Robbins

“We treat our customers like family. We don't treat them like customers. We treat them as like if they're friends. We're very welcoming.”

Customers are always priority, but when you have a great boss, employees provide a great service for a brand.

That’s what Kim Johnson-Larocque said: “It's on a handshake. And your word, you know, I walked in here ten years ago and shook Mike's hand and told him, I'd do a good job for him. And boom, here I am, ten years later.”

Kim Johnson-Larocque

The community not only supports this staple of a business, but it supports those of a younger generation.

An unnamed man who was outfitting visitors of his ranch from Georgia told Mike and his associates to outfit three kids that rode into the store on scooters.

They left with pearl snaps, jeans, a hat, and a pair of boots.

Hoglund's Western Wear is at 306 1st Avenue South in downtown Great Falls.

"Outfitted" at Hoglund's Western Wear

“As far as the community, I think it's a love, love relationship. You know, we love the community as much as they love us. It's kind of a give and take deal. And yeah, we're lucky to live where we do,” Mike said.