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Jersey Mike's grand opening in Great Falls will help Special Olympics

Jersey Mike's in Great Falls
Jersey Mike's in Great Falls (March 2022)
Posted at 8:57 AM, Mar 18, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-18 18:10:58-04

GREAT FALLS — Jersey Mike’s Subs, located on the West Bank Landing next to Five On Black, is set to open on Wednesday, March 23.

“We thought Great Falls would be a great community for a 'sub above,'” said John Vagner, the franchise owner.

General manager Jensen Williams noted how hard all of the staff have been working to prepare for opening day: “We’ve all been non-stop. I mean, we’ve been working nonstop around the clock for two weeks – three weeks now.”

With the project taking 14 months to complete, everyone is excited to finally open the doors. Luckily for the restaurant, it will open up fully-staffed.

John Vagner and Jensen Williams

Vagner explained, “I think the hardest process that we go through like any small business is hiring and retaining quality help. We’ve been absolutely blessed because when we started the process, over 190 people applied. We’re fully staffed. So we hired thirty-five people and pretty much everybody’s showing up and so I think we’re going to be ready to go on day one on the twenty third.”

Starting off opening week with a bang, Jersey Mike’s is proud to introduce their first fundraiser.

Vagner said, “Our mission statement is giving - making a difference in someone’s life. What we’re doing when we open the doors is we’re partnered with the Special Olympics of Montana and we are going around the community and we’re handing out these cards right here where if you donate $3 dollars to the Special Olympic, you get a free sub.”

Not only that, but the month of March is the month of giving, and on March 30th, 100% of sales will go to the Special Olympics World Games in Orlando, Florida.

“I think part of it is, well, number one, we’re a great company, but also, it’s a great cause,” explained Williams.

“We’re ready and we’re going to be fully staffed to support the community. You might have to wait a couple minutes, but we promise you the wait is going to be worth it.”

Click here to visit the Jersey Mike's website.

In related news, a new Jimmy John's sandwich shop opened this week in Great Falls.

Jimmy John's second location in Great Falls

It's in the building that formerly was The Feedlot for many years, along 3rd Street NW at 17th Avenue. It's the second Jimmy John's in Great Falls. The new location features a drive-though.

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