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Mise En Place Kitchens features a rotation of diverse cuisine

Amaris Rodriguez and Estella Rodriguez
Cassie Campbell
Posted at 9:58 AM, Nov 04, 2022

Recently, we reported on Mise En Place Kitchens to highlight Amanda Brooks' new venture as a baker through her concept Brick House Bakery.

Since then people have been headed there asking about her delicious cinnamon rolls and other goodies, though she is only there on the week-ends. That’s because Mise En Place is a, “Ghost Kitchen”, which means it houses several different cooks who may not have the finances to start their own business, but still want to share their cuisines with the community.

“It’s a different restaurant everyday,” says owner Cassie Campbell, “You know you’re going to get good food, you’re going to get real food, and it’s not a chain restaurant.”

Cassie Campbell
Cassie Campbell

Besides Brickhouse Bakery, the Mise En Place Kitchens also house four other concept kitchens: Tacos El Valle, El Coqui Puerto Rican Cuisine, Spices and Spurs, and of course the original Mise En Place namesake.

Each of these cooks are open on their own days of the week. El Coqui is open on Thursday and Sunday afternoons, Tacos El Valle have Friday and Tuesday, Mise En Place is open everyday except Sunday, and Spices and Spurs, which is open Saturday.

The food is all fresh, never canned, frozen, or microwaved, and in some instances, sourced directly from the country of origin.

“Everything's just as fresh as we can probably have it. For example, the beans, the chili pods, spices, anything that we can actually get authentically from where we're from, candy chips, anything like that, we bring it from our family farms in Mexico and then we prepare our foods with that stuff,” says Amaris Rodriguez, daughter of Estella Rodriguez. The pair make up the entity of Tacos El Valle.

Amaris Rodriguez and Estella Rodriguez
Amaris Rodriguez and Estella Rodriguez

Maria Vasquez is from Puerto Rico and got her love of cooking from the women in her family.

I grew up in the kitchen with my great-grandmother, my grandmother, and my mother,” says Vasquez. “I started in September, and I’m very happy with the support I’ve received from the community. My dream is to own my own food truck, and learn the process of serving Great Falls from one.”

“My goal is to give back to the community, and bring people up, I’ve just seen so many businesses go out of business in this community that I want to bring more in, and this is the only format that I can afford to do,” says Campbell.

Mise En Place is at 721 Sixth Street SW; click here to visit the Facebook page.