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Music program returns to University of Providence

Music program returns to University of Providence
University of Providence - Great Falls
Posted at 4:09 PM, Oct 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-22 12:43:39-04

GREAT FALLS — The University of Providence in Great Falls announced Thursday that its music program is coming back beginning in the spring semester in 2022.

"I am very passionate about the arts, specifically music,” said Kody Diekhans, the director of the Cecilian Choral Course. The course is named after St. Cecilia, the patron saint of music and musicians.

For Diekhans, helping bring music back to the university is more than just an opportunity to sing.

"I think the arts are very important for our world and for our community, especially because we are a Catholic Liberal Arts University,” Diekhans said. Catholicism is really rooted in the arts and (at) Liberal Arts universities as well arts are usually a very important part of campus life."

Diekhans will also put his skills on the piano to use during the choral course. He said he’s been playing the piano since the first grade.

Kody Diekhans, the director of the Cecilian Choral Course

"The class is going to be a mixture of singing, rehearsal -- mainly choral rehearsal -- but then on top of that discussion with music, integrating music into one's life and basic music theory,” Diekhans explained.

Unlike the previous music program, this one will be open to both students and members of the community.

Students will be able to get Fine Arts credit for taking the course.

"Our timing was sub-optimal for the fall for getting students enrolled,” University of Providence provost Matthew Reddinger said.

University of Providence provost Matthew Reddinger

He said with a choir director found and support for the program from university leadership, now is the perfect time to bring it back.

Due to low enrollment in the program, it was cut in 2018 to help the university save money.

"It constitutes for the university a marker that we're laying down to restore our reputation as a regional leader in arts and music,” said Reddinger.

"Choir can really bring people together,” said Diekhans. "I just find it really important and am really excited to be a part of it."

There will be no limit to the class size. Classes will be held in the university chapel Tuesdays and Thursday from 6-7:15 p.m.

For more information, e-mail Diekhans at