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Non-profit is raising money to support GFPS arts, drama, and music

Spark The Arts
Posted at 5:49 PM, May 31, 2024

Spark The Arts is a new non-profit working with Great Falls Public Schools to support art departments amidst statewide budget cuts.

On Saturday, June 8th, they will host their first fundraiser - "The Soirée." All proceeds will be used to support music, art, and drama in the Great Falls School system.

The non-profit was started by a group of parents a year and half ago as a booster for arts programs in Great Falls Public Schools, encompassing visual art, music, and drama.

The Soirée will feature dinner along with performances, art displays, and auctions from both faculty and students.

Spark The Arts vice president Mandy Brumwell explains, “It's going to be such an incredible night of showcasing our students and our teachers. We have some acts that the teachers have put together and it's going to highlight their talents and their passions and why our kids are doing so well in these programs by what the teachers can do themselves.”

Spark The Arts support art programs at all grade levels from elementary to high school, and plans to expand their efforts outside of Great Falls Public Schools to encompass schools in Cascade County once the nonprofit gains momentum.

Brumwell says, “I really want people to take note of these programs needing to stay in our schools. We can't lose these. This is such an outlet for so many kids that this is their path and this is their group, this is their tribe. And everyone deserves to have that group of people that just understand them and accept them when they're in school.”

The Soirée will be on Saturday, June 8th at the Mansfield Convention Center, located at 2 Park Drive South. Doors open at 5pm and dinner starts at 6pm.

For more information or to buy tickets, click here to visit the Facebook page, or email