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Number of reported vehicle thefts is down in Great Falls

GFPD: "significant decrease" in auto thefts compared to last year
Posted at 2:57 PM, Aug 08, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-08 16:57:45-04

The Great Falls Police Department has released information about vehicle thefts in our community.

The GFPD shared the information in a Facebook post , saying that Sergeant Munkres and the officers assigned to the Directed Enforcement Team are working hard to decrease incidents and recover stolen vehicles.

The GFPD says that there is a "significant decrease" in auto thefts compared to this same period last year. From January 2018 through July 2018, the GFPD received 181 reports of stolen vehicles. For that same time this year, they received 115 reports -- a 36.4% decrease.

Here are a few highlights from reports the GFPD has taken recently:

🚗 Vehicle valued at $11,000 stolen after the owner loaned it to an acquaintance. While the acquaintance was inside a gas station a passenger left in the vehicle

🚗 Vehicle was claimed to be stolen after a family member physically removed a relative from the vehicle and left, officers determined this to be a dispute about a deceased relative’s estate and referred the parties to consult an attorney
🚗 Vehicle was stolen after a suspect rummaged through the owner’s other vehicle and found keys to the stolen vehicle
🚗 Vehicle taken overnight, keys in the vehicle
🚗 Vehicle taken, no weapons, ½ tank of fuel, keys in vehicle
🚗 A trailer with two ATVs on it was taken, recovered by CCSO in the county on the same day
🚗 Vehicle stolen from a commercial property, ignition starts with screwdriver
🚗 Vehicle stolen from residential street, vehicle does not need a key to start
🚗 Stolen truck, ¾ tank of gas, no weapons, keys in vehicle
🚗 Vehicle valued at $3500 stolen, keys in vehicle
🚗 Vehicle stolen, key kept in driver’s door
🚗 Vehicle valued at $15,000 stolen, keys in vehicle

The GFPD notes that a stolen vehicle may be an automobile, camper, RV, trailer, ATV, boat, semi, or motorcycle, and offered these theft-prevention tips:

🔑 Locking your vehicle

🔑 Not leaving keys in vehicle
🔑 Not leaving valuables in vehicle
🔑 Parking in a driveway
🔑 Parking in bright light
🔑 Installing an alarm
🔑 Not loaning vehicle to someone you don’t know well