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Progress is being made on new hotel in downtown Great Falls

Construction continues on the Gibson Hotel in downtown Great Falls
Progress being made on new hotel in Great Falls
Posted at 5:29 PM, Jul 08, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-09 00:58:18-04

Progress is being made on the new Gibson Hotel in Great Falls. It's located on the northwest corner of the intersection of Central Avenue and 7th Street, formerly the Triple Crown Motor Inn and the Greystone Inn.

The new boutique hotel will feature 44 rooms.

Owner Ty Rollins said, "We've been looking for some time, and we like the model of taking a tired hotel that's in the downtown area of a city and remodeling it into a higher end boutique hotel, but there's a lot of factors that play into that to make it work. One is the city, the second is the hotel, the location, all those things. It was a multiple year search, but when we found the old Greystone in downtown Great Falls, we fell in love with the area. The building had the bones that we needed, an elevator, some indoor corridors, everything just fell into place."

The name for the hotel derives from Great Falls founder Paris Gibson. Rollins said there couldn't be a better person to name it after.

"We needed a new name, for a brand new start," Rollins explained. We're completely changing this hotel, and we needed a name that was unique to Great Falls, and Paris Gibson is that name. Paris Gibson, when he came to the area, fell in love with it, he was an entrepreneur, so we related a bit to that. We came to Great Falls, fell in love with the area, being entrepreneurs, and we hope our guests to the same thing. Come to the area and fall in love with it."

Each room will consist of a king bed, catering toward older couples and business travelers, with the idea of keeping it simple.

Rollins said, "We're really catering to couples. We want this to be the quietest hotel in the City of Great Falls, so our target market is couples, so we want to give an experience that is unique."

The hotel was originally under construction in 2019, but due to the pandemic causing delays, Rollins said he is more excited to get the project up and running than he was three years ago, and says service is what people should be most looking forward to.

Rollins noted, "The hotel industry is moving away from personal interactions with the guests, with apps that allow guests to check into their room without having to check in at the front desk, they just go straight to their room. A lot of the hotel industry is moving towards less interaction between hotel staff, and guests. We're moving the opposite direction. We want more interaction with our guests. We want our staff to be the ambassadors for Great Falls. We want to get to know our guests. What brings them to Great Falls? What can we do to make their experience better? We're also creating some things like a nightly manager's reception where guests have the opportunity to gather and showcase some of the local cuisine, maybe some local musicians, or artwork. Also, the layout of the hotel is unique in that we have a couple areas where guests can congregate, meet, get to know each other. But we want to know our guests, we want our guests to get to know the other guests, but more importantly, we want them to get to know Great Falls, and we think once they get to know and fall in love with Great Falls just as we had, they're going to come back, again and again. That not only helps us as a hotel, but the whole area.

He added, "I can't emphasize enough how much we have enjoyed working with the people of Great Falls, whether it's at the city level, or the county level, or just people on the street that we've gotten to know. Everyone is just so nice, such a great area. We are grateful to be there."

If everything goes to plan, the Gibson Hotel is expected to open in the Spring of 2023. The address is 621 Central Avenue.


Construction continues on the Gibson Hotel in downtown Great Falls
Construction continues on the Gibson Hotel in downtown Great Falls