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Property manager is working with renters during COVID-19 outbreak

Posted at 3:02 PM, Apr 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-01 17:02:04-04

Many Jobs have been lost and applying for unemployment can take weeks its leaving residents uneasy.

But there is hope, JK Property Management in Great Falls is doing the best they can by offering different options.

“The first thing we thought that was really important with our company was number one we protect our employees we made lots of adjustments within our own office to do that in order to serve our residents. Our residents we have found the best thing we can do with them right now is to communicate to them and keep them updated as much as we can with what we are learning”. says Kelley Lind JK Property Manager

Jk Property faces a lot more challenges than usual

“Our challenge as a company is kind of like a titer to totter we have our owners on one side and our residents on the other we are always trying to balance even under normal circumstances present more of a challenge because we are all in this together and its affecting everyone from the very bottom of a resident to an owner of a property”. Says Lind

They are asking people who are in these situations to give them a call and communicate the situation they are in after all we are all in the together.

“We see it write now sometimes the very worst circumstances bring out the very best in people and if we are going to get through this together as a nation as a state and as a community in Great Falls Montana, we have to have each other’s back”. says Lind

They ask if you do need assistance a couple of things

Your written request for a delayed or partial payment of rent to include the anticipated date rent will be paid in full.

Documentation that you have applied for unemployment benefits. If you haven’t already done this you may apply for these benefits online at

A formal letter from your current or former employer stating the date your employment status changed, and that the change was directly related to the COVID-19 situation. This should be on official company letterhead and signed by your current/former employer. We will also accept a company email with this information; emails should be sent to accounting193@jkrpm.

Once they have received these three required documents, they will be able to process your request.

You can also check their website out for more details.

If you also need to apply for unemployment and don’t have internet the Great Falls Public Library although closed to the public has boosted their Wi-Fi signal to enable those with Wi-Fi capable devices to use the signal from the parking lot during daytime hours.