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"SnowBros" work to dig Great Falls out of recent snowfall

Cornelius created his company to serve the needs of his city 24/7
Posted at 2:30 PM, Oct 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-29 16:30:40-04

With the third snowstorm of the season hitting Great Falls on Monday, some people needed some extra help with plowing.

SnowBros owner Laurence Cornelius created his company to serve the needs of his city 24/7.

“We’re an on-demand company. For the bigger companies that don’t have the time or enough people for schedules, they can either sub-contract us or anyone can go on our website and book us right then and there.”

In snowy conditions, Great Falls divides the task of plowing up among the city, county, Montana Department of Transportation, independent contractors, and residents.

Since MDT and City Street Division services reserve much of the city for their services, plow operators like Snowbros are limited to what regions they can plow.

“There are rules for the city. We’re allowed to plow sidewalks, use ATV’s, snowblowers, and whatnot, but they will not allow us to do the side-streets and any streets whatsoever. That’s their domain,” Corelius said.

When snow falls faster than plowers can move it, businesses like Cornelius’ have limited ability to help.

“We’re limited to sidewalk work, parking lots, driveways, that’s it,” Cornelius said,

However, Snowbros offers a variety of services no matter the weather, including roofing, handywork and tree removal.

Cornelius is committed to keeping his city safe, aligning his business’ values with his personal ones.

“I see this as a safety service. When people don’t want to trip and fall, when they don’t want to have a limb fall on their house, when they don’t want to have their cars sliding around all over the place, slip themselves and hurt themselves, that’s what we’re here for,” Cornelius said.

Cornelius’ demonstrates his concern for others by offering extra services to his customers, like vehicle parts delivery and free pullouts for Great Falls residents.

The veteran also has a heart for men and women of service, offering 50 percent off for any veterans in need of his services.

To find out more about SnowBros or to request service, click here to visit their website .