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The Lost Art of a Shoe Cobbler

The Lost Art of a Shoe Cobbler
Posted at 5:19 PM, Oct 11, 2023
and last updated 2023-10-11 19:19:29-04

GREAT FALLS — Our shoes tell us a lot about a person, where they've been, what they do, or where they might be going. We all put a lot of wear and tear on our shoes. Well, Siller’s Boot and Shoe Repair has been repairing the shoes for the people of Great Falls for a hundred years.

It certainly I think, speaks to the community here in Great Falls and surrounding areas that have supported this business throughout its duration as well as the previous owner. So I definitely feel that it's pretty special. And not many businesses have been open, especially small businesses, for that duration of time. So there's definitely an aspect of responsibility to keep the business happy, healthy, providing a good service to the community at a fair price. And yeah, I'm happy to be part of that.

Being a shoe cobbler is an art form to take someone's favorite pair of shoes and break them down, made them back together and make them worth the value they once were is priceless. For someone who's on their feet every day.

Very often I'll have customers come in and say, you know, it's a dying trade or it's a lost art, or you're all going away. You know, that mentality or that that thought that it is becoming less relevant as time goes on. And from a service provider point of view, just looking at the volume I have in my shop and how that's grown over the last four years, I can see the flip side of that coin where I don't think it's a lost art, I think there are fewer providers now.

From a broken heel, a retread or complete overhaul. Your feet deserve the best and Siller's Boot and Shoe Repair can handle anything you throw at them, even if it's your slippers.

Here in Great Falls, I'm Paul Sanchez for MTN News.

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