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Visit Great Falls Montana launches podcast

Posted at 10:40 AM, Nov 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-10 19:51:55-05

There’s a new way for you to learn about Great Falls and the surrounding area - Visit Great Falls Montana, the city’s tourism organization, has started a podcast.

It debuted last week, and there will be one episode each week talking about things such as art and culture, dining, the falls, and nearby state and national parks. There will also be guest experts talking about various topics.

It’s funded by a grant and the organization will monitor the response to the podcast to determine if it will be part of the 2022 marketing plan.

“The idea of a podcast had come (up) a few different times during our brainstorming of ways to market Great Falls, Montana,” said Rebecca Engum, the director of Visit Great Falls Montana. "The episodes that we air are all connected to reasons why people come to Great Falls, things we can find here.”

“When people come in, or when they’re in market and they ask us what to do, pretty much you can listen to this podcast and never have to meet me in person. You can get a lot more information in the 20 to probably 45 minutes we have per episode,” said Marisela Hazzard, the content director of the agency.

Anyone with an idea for an episode or for a guest expert is encouraged to submit the idea to the organization. Click here to visit the website.

Here is Episode 1, which is titled "Welcome, to the Greatest Dam Town in Montana, Great Falls."