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Winterize your irrigation system before winter storm hits

Posted at 3:29 PM, Sep 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-27 17:29:15-04

With snow and cold temperatures on the way this upcoming weekend, many are rushing to winterize their irrigation systems.

By simply shutting down your sprinkler system is not enough. You must also completely drain the water from the system to prevent it from freezing.

Mr. Green Landscape Solutions does this by blowing out the irrigation system using compressed air.

Mr. Green Landscape Solutions Sales and Marketing Director David Blanchard said, “It’s very important to winterize your irrigation system, especially with the cold temperatures that are coming so soon. The expense factor, if it doesn’t get winterized, is traumatic. It can actually flood basements and a huge cost to repair the irrigation system by itself.”

If you cannot get your system winterized before this weekend, Blanchard suggests shutting off the water inside your home if you can and protect your backflow preventer.

He said, “Unhook all your hoses cause the water that sits in the hose can freeze and can actually go through the wall and break the pipe in the wall. This is a backflow preventer. An old jacket, sweatshirt, blanket, you need to protect your backflow. So, what you want to do is wrap it as tight as you possible can, so the cold can’t get into it.”

For more information about winterizing your irrigation system, you can call David at 406-452-4733.