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Women’s self defense class aims to build confidence and skills

Posted at 6:40 PM, May 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-07 20:40:19-04

GREAT FALLS — Fit Republic in Great Falls is offering a women’s self defense class that teaches discipline and self confidence.

The class will feature karate techniques to teach spatial awareness and vital pressure points, as well as jiu jitsu to learn how to break balance.

Instructor Toshio Arai explained, “We plan to combine both to teach self defense and empowerment of women.”

Amanda Tucker of Fit Republic says the class is all about preparing women: “Sometimes we struggle with self confidence when it comes to defending ourself, so when we’re prepared, we’re able to face these situations with a little more confidence and we can step into those situations and really know how to handle ourselves and protect ourselves. We really hope that we never have to implement this information that we’re using but we’re ready if it does happen.”

The class starts at 5pm on Friday, May 7th. It is free for members and $10 for public participants. You can sign up at the front desk or call ahead at 406-315-8301. Fit Republic is located in Holiday Village Mall on 10th Avenue South. Click here to visit the Facebook page.


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