Great Falls Sports Club starts badminton on Saturdays

Indoor Badminton group in Great Falls
Posted at 2:38 PM, Nov 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-04 16:38:08-05

One Great Falls resident decided to take a swing at starting one of the city's only badminton clubs.

Outdoor exercise is hard to find during the winter months.

That is why Badminton Club Founder Richard Lai rallied for indoor recreation, and created the Great Falls Sports Club.

“I moved up here a few years ago and I noticed in the wintertime there’s not a lot of things happening here so I sort of wanted to create an opportunity here in town so people can really come out and play indoors.”

As a Benefis Physician, Lai is a huge advocate of exercise and takes his own advice.

“Sports is very good for everybody. And being a Doctor I advocate you know, regular exercise.”

He’s also willing to teach new players to take a swing or two.

A newcomer to the group Dylan Kumar decided he wanted to try it out.

“I’ve been trying to find a place to play this game for a long time and I was on Facebook and I saw the post that they’re having a game, so I thought I’d come down and give it a try.”

He started playing badminton a few years ago and has been looking for teammates to help sharpen his skills.

I’ve been in Great Falls for over ten years and I usually just go to the gym. And I tried to find a place to play before this. Not many people in Great Falls that play badminton.”

Members have found that in the badminton club, all that matters is that you give it your best shot.

The club will meet every Saturday at the Heisey Community Center from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

You can register anytime during the season.

Anyone interested in the club can sign up anytime during the season and go to the Great Falls Sports Club Facebook page for more information.