Helena Boy Scouts raised over $2,000 by collecting Christmas trees

Posted at 10:43 AM, Jan 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-09 08:09:56-05

HELENA — Boy Scouts were driving around Helena on Sunday and loading their trailer with Christmas trees, big and small. These collections are part of a service project for the City of Helena.

“Especially with the time of COVID, the city normally picks up trees but this isn't a usual work load for them, it's special at this time,” said Zach Heller, Troop 214 Life Scout. “So, it's great to just help and give back and provide that service."

This service is also an important fundraiser for Troop 214. They’ve had to cancel their annual fundraisers due to the pandemic. Also, in November 2020, $6,000 worth of items, from camping gear to snow shoes, were stolen. The scouts expressed their emotions when they heard the news.

"I was really bummed," said Teagan Clement, Troop 214 Life Scout.

"I felt mad," said Levi Russell, Troop 214 Bear Scout.

"All this stuff we have [raised] and have been donated to us and to think that somebody would steal it from us is something I was disgraced to hear about," said Heller.

Despite their frustrations, the scouts remain positive. The boys picked up 123 trees on January 2 from all across Helena and neighboring communities. They raised over $2,000.

"This is definitely a project to help boost confidence because we could be interacting with people, helping people out which is really a good thing,” said Clement.

All trees will be placed at the back of Resurrection Cemetery to be prepared and eventually delivered to Fish, Wildlife, & Parks to improve fish habitat at Canyon Ferry Lake. Troop 214 will have another tree pick-up January 9. To have your tree picked up from the scouts, click here.