Helena child with tumor helping families in similar situation

Alayna Hutchings
Posted at 6:02 PM, Jul 03, 2023
and last updated 2023-07-04 14:29:21-04

HELENA — Since Alayna Hutching's initial diagnosis of a tumor on her brain stem, support has come in from all corners of Montana.

Recently, that support has extended to several companies all across the country, and between the donations, the brand deals, and opportunities to appear to showcase who Alayna Hutchings is, all of it can sometimes be hard to keep track of for her parents.

When asked what the next few months looked like for the Hutchings family, Alayna's father Danny cut in with a "busy," and a light chuckle.

"I don't even have time to think now," said Danny.

MTN first met Alayna in October 2022 just a few months after she and her family were told about the tumor and that she wasn't a candidate for typical treatment options because of the location of the tumor.

Since then the Hutchings family's life has changed dramatically with the support they have received, but with so many donations and opportunities coming in Alayna wanted to do something a little different with part of the funds.

“Give it to kids with tumors and cancer," said Alayna. "Because I want to help kids with tumors and cancers.”

“Her goal is, is to complete all 50 states in three years to be at least to be one to — or to one children's hospital in every state. And we were constantly on the phone with children's hospitals, asking them what they're needing for donations. You know, if my daughter can attend to go see some of [the children],” said Danny.

Many businesses have reached out to see how they can help with Alayna's mission whether it be helping with travel accommodations, gifts to donate or donations to Alayna directly to help fund the plan.

However, through it all, Alayna is still a seven-year-old elementary schooler and her parents couldn't be prouder of her for taking on a task like this.

"I'm very, very proud of her. That— that means so much to me that — that she has such a strong spirit and such a good mind on her that — that she can just again, plow through it and be able to take the stuff and put it away and just keep going. That's very important and I'm very, very proud of her for that, especially for a seven-year-old," said Makaya Hutchings, Alayna's mother.

To learn more about Alayna and to follow along on her journey, the family has set up a Facebook page to give updates.