Helena developing messaging to visitors about COVID restrictions

Posted at 7:02 PM, Aug 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-04 21:02:57-04

HELENA — The Helena Chamber’s Convention and Visitor’s Bureau has joined the Montana Office of Tourism and Business Development in alerting visitors about the state's COVID-19 requirements.

The “Montana Aware” campaign by the Montana Department of Commerce promotes safe and responsible behavior among those who are traveling in Big Sky Country. The campaign is aimed at informing travelers about local mask mandates, social distancing guidelines and proper COVID hygiene.

The Helena Chamber’s Convention and Visitor’s Bureau has received CARES Act funding from the State to work with partners and implement signage and other means to get the message out for visitors.

“We’re excited to help and inform businesses and anyone that might be visiting of the importance of trying to suppress this pandemic that’s all around us,” said Mike Mergenthaler, director of the Helena Chamber’s Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Mergenthaler said COVID has had a damaging economic impact on many businesses that rely on tourism.

He also hopes these efforts will present a unified message to visitors.

“People are going to travel still and we’re still going to have visitors,” said Mergenthaler. “Yes, we are open for business but we want to be smart about that business and we want you to be smart about what you’re doing in our community.”