Helena native teaches small business owners ways A.I. can help their business

Eve Whitaker
Posted at 9:24 AM, May 24, 2024

HELENA — Some may think artificial intelligence is intimidating or difficult to understand, but Helena native Eve Whitaker says it should not be ignored, especially in businesses.

“What I tell people is the threat is real, but the threat is that your competitors are going to start using it and you will be left behind,” she said.

Whitaker spoke at the business conference Beast Your Biz! in Missoula.

Her experience with artificial intelligence or AI started in 2021.

She said, “I can type stuff into some of the AI software programs and produce these images that people are like, ‘Why do you have a poodle in space?’ [and] I’m like, because I like poodles, and I like space.”

Whitaker co-owns Vei Creative, which helps small businesses find marketing strategies using AI.

“It’s a trifecta of you’re going to save time, you’re going to save money, and you are going to give more value to your clients or your customers if you start using it,” said Whitaker.

She said that some conference attendees had concerns about being genuine when using AI for marketing purposes.

Whitaker said, “I would never generate something straight out of AI. It would always be - I would take whatever was generated and then put my touches on it.”

Even if you are not a business owner, Whitaker recommends trying out AI programs to see how they can help you.