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AmeriCorps Seniors and RMDC host 9/11 memorial

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Posted at 2:13 PM, Sep 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-11 16:13:28-04

HELENA — In remembrance of the 20th anniversary of the attacks on September 11, 2001, the Rocky Mountain Development Council and AmeriCorps Seniors held a ceremony to commemorate the moment when the first tower fell of the World Trade Center.

Helena residents gathered in the Rocky Mountain Development Council Neighborhood Center for the 20th anniversary of the attacks, and listened as names of those who were killed were read aloud.

“Just want to bring about a spirit of citizenship and unity in our community and in our country, and we just want to honor those that have died,” said Samara Lynde the AmeriCorps Seniors and Retired Program Director.

Lynde says that the gathering on Saturday was full of camaraderie.

“Helena is a special community where people are civic-minded and they come together, we have lots of volunteers here today and it really warms my heart,” said Lynde.

Helena Fire Department Assistant Chief Mike Chambers recalled the moment he saw the twin towers collapse on TV while on duty.

“This is bigger than just a singular event, it was going to be even more impactful than we probably ever realized,” said Chambers.

Lynde says this ceremony is also to show appreciation to first responders, and military service members.

“My heart is overwhelmed by those who serve our country and serve our community and we are so grateful for our first responders,” said Lynde