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Four feral cats trapped in Helena TNR operation

Posted at 4:05 PM, Aug 17, 2023

HELENA — Helena Animal Control says five cats were captured in humane traps during a trap-neuter-return operation this week.

The City of Helena Animal Control set the traps on the city's lower east side Tuesday. The TNR program works to reduce the spread of diseases and limit population growth through vaccinations and spaying and neutering of community cats.

Animal Control set the traps in shaded areas and monitored them closely.

Officials say four of the cats captured were feral or "community" cats; one was a domestic cat.

The Lewis and Clark Humane Society facilitated the vaccination and spaying or neutering of the animals. The cats were released to the same area where they were captured. The domestic cat was released when it was found.

Animal Control told MTN that this week's operation focused on one of the area's smaller cat colonies and that it was a chance to test the operation's logistics.

Animal Control is planning another TNR operation focused on one of the area's large cat colonies. The date or location has not been announced.