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Helena Indian Alliance raises money for family who lost home in fire

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Posted at 3:06 PM, Dec 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-11 17:07:20-05

HELENA — The Helena Indian Alliance held a taco fundraiser for an elder couple who lost their home in a fire right before the holidays.

“I believe that it’s important that our community members know that they’re supported, and especially our elders,” said Jason Mcnees, a peer support specialist for Helena Indian Alliance.

Mcnees says the goal of the taco fundraiser is to raise almost $1,200 to purchase a trailer for the Nevermissashot family, the elder couple lost their home on Nov. 10. How the fire started is unclear.

“Get it hooked up to sewer and electric, so they have somewhere you know to be, right back on their property at their home,” said Mcnees.

Mcnees says helping the family raise money brings the community together.

“Losing something like your home and all your possessions, there’s really no way to replace that without a community raising funds to assist them with that,” said Mcnees.

The Helena Indian Alliance will help the Nevermissashot family clean up the property in a few weeks, and Mcnees says it is just what the organization is for.

“The idea is to help them rebuild the best we can,” said Mcnees.

The fundraiser offered community members tacos and even a shake-a-day game.