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Helena Public School District principal retires

Helena Public School District principal retires
Posted at 10:03 AM, Jun 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-11 14:11:43-04

HELENA — After 25 years in education, Kessler School Principal Lisa Lowney is retiring.

"It's been the greatest. Greatest joy of my career is being here," said Lowney.

Lowney has been the principal at Kessler School for five years, but after June, she will be spending more time with loved ones.

Throughout her career, Lowney has led the elementary school with grace and smiles, helping the kindergarten through fifth graders learn from their mistakes.

"My philosophy has always been to help them out, help them to make good choices, help them with programming, and then move on. When kids get in trouble, it's like OK, just have accountability, and then we're moving on, and it's OK because, in an elementary school, that's what we do," said Lowney.

After June 30, as she packs up her office of cards and memorable photos, Lowney is planning to make some memories with her family.

"I'm going to Alaska fishing, and for the first part, I have lots of plans, and then after that, I'm not sure right now, I'm not making any commitments because I just want to see what door is open and see where life leads me," said Lowney.

Through the years of working at Shodair Children's Hospital to C.R. Anderson, Lowney is grateful for all her support.

"I'm blessed that so many people out there believed in me," said Lowney.