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Helena's Ukulele Club: Uke can play it too

Posted: 6:53 PM, Sep 02, 2019
Updated: 2019-09-02 22:22:11-04

The sound of a strumming Ukulele usually conjures images of white sand beaches, palm trees and refreshing coconut drinks.

But, if you are hearing this sound in Helena, chances are, you are a lot closer to the Lewis and Clark Library.

On the last Monday of every month at the library’s main branch, musicians get together to share songs, swap tips and pick this pint-sized instrument.

“It only has four strings. It’s portable, you can take it anywhere," said the library administrative assistant Kristen Mullen. "It tuned to the key of C, so, as long as you can sort of sing in that register, you can accompany yourself to just a lot of different songs. It’s tiny, it’s just fun. It’s, it’s, I love it.”

And she’s not the only one. For three years the group has met. Sometimes with more people, sometimes with less. But always with a sense of musical adventure.

“It’s an interesting group, you hear different perspectives, you learn stuff", added ukulele enthusiast Chuck Homer. "There is a lot better musicians in the group than I and so I learn how to do things. I learn different songs. We have a fairly wide group in terms of experience and what they like, we’re always finding new stuff.”

With the near-endless list of programs and groups the library has to offer, finding new stuff is never a problem.

“We are sort of like the community’s living room, and there's a lot of people that come down here and come and check out books for their kids", added Mullen. "It’s just this place that’s welcoming of all community members.”

Even tone-deaf ones.

While my ukulele gently weeps in Helena, Andy Curtis, MTN News.

For more information on the clubs and groups at the Lewis & Clark Library check out the link here.