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Montana Elections Office mails confirmation letters to all voters in Lewis and Clark County

Posted at 10:17 PM, Feb 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-14 00:19:44-05

HELENA — Voters around Lewis and Clark County will soon be receiving important reminders about the upcoming election year.

The County elections office is mailing postcards to more than 46,000 voters.

“We hope our voters will start thinking about how they will vote, not just who they will vote for. Now is a good time for voters to make their plan to vote by answering a few basic questions – is my voter registration up to date? Will I vote at the polls, or I will I vote early by absentee ballot?”

Each voter was sent a folded over postcard displaying the voter registration information currently on file with the elections office.

For those who vote at a polling place, it will show their precinct and polling location.

For absentee voters, it will show the dates when mail ballots will go out.

Election officials say this is a good time for voters to make sure their registration is updated, and to decide whether they want to vote in person or by mail.

There will be a form they can send back if they want to make any changes.

“We are thrilled that we’ve been getting a good response. The mailing is informational only – voters only have to send the form back if they need to make a change to their registration. Still, we are happy to have our phones ringing with voters confirming their registration for the upcoming year.”

For more information, contact Audrey McCue at 406-447-8338 or