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Neighbors react to Rodney Street Improvement Plan

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Posted at 3:40 PM, Apr 08, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-08 18:43:38-04

HELENA — The second phase of the Rodney Street Improvement Plan is set to begin soon near Downtown Helena, and residents around the area say they are eager to see the completion.

“I mean I love it, this street was in dire need of a revamp,“ said Jonathan Ballew, a Helena resident.

Ballew lives off Rodney Street and rides his bike as a major mode of transportation and says the new and improved intersections of the street are livelier.

“Some of the work to the business part of Rodney has been great, they are going to put up a ton of trees and it's just looking really beautiful, and it hasn’t disrupted us much at all,” said Ballew.

The Rodney Street Improvement Plan is set to continue towards the intersections of 9th Avenue and 11th but first the Helena City Commissioners will have to approve a Resolution establishing an Operating Cash Loan from the General Fund to the Streets Fund for the purpose of funding the completion of Phase II of the Rodney Street Improvements Project for 1.6 million dollars, if not approved it will delay the project.

But for now, neighbors, like Melissa Synness are excited about the newer sections of the street.

“The improvement plan has really helped with walkability, it has also connected the north and south part of Rodney, because people are more likely to walk up and down and relax and see things and just take time to enjoy this part of town,” said Synness.

The City Commission will be presented with the resolution on Monday, April 11.