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Neill Avenue to close next week as Helena crews continue major road project

Posted at 5:10 PM, Aug 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-29 19:17:45-04

HELENA — A heavily traveled Helena street will be closed for several months starting next week, as crews continue a major road project.

Starting Tuesday, Sept. 3, Neill Avenue will be closed between Last Chance Gulch and Fuller Avenue. Helena Sand and Gravel will be installing new larger storm drains and new manholes.

Leaders will provide a detour, using Fuller Avenue to Lawrence Street. At the end of September, Fuller will also close, and the detour will move to Park Avenue.

Neill Avenue is expected to remain closed through the end of November.

This work is the third phase of the ongoing Front Street project, which started in April. It’s aimed at replacing decades-old stormwater mains and at making the street more pedestrian-friendly.

Crews are replacing the existing stormwater system with a larger, 60-inch concrete pipe. Leaders say it will provide more capacity, but the biggest benefit will be removing the current, outdated drain pipes.

“Some of this stuff was put in in the early 1900s,” said Solomon Redfern, Helena Sand and Gravel project manager.

Redfern said you will still be able to access residences and businesses in the area during the construction.

“We will have sign placements on how to get in and out during this construction,” he said.

Helena Sand and Gravel is also working with the Helena Farmers’ Market to ensure people are still able to get there on Saturdays.

“We ask the residents that live around this area and the people that commute daily to be patient with the construction that’s going on, obey the construction signs,” Redfern said. “If you have any issues, you can contact Helena Sand and Gravel, and we’ll try to resolve them.”