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One Good Thing: 2020

Posted at 5:27 PM, Dec 31, 2020
and last updated 2021-01-01 10:52:24-05

(HELENA) 2020 was long year that many people would like to both remember and forget, all at the same time. For a full review of the year, you can find the CNN Year in review, here. In Helena, MTN wanted to hear from the community about "One Good Thing," that happened to them in first installment of the new decade.

For some, 2020 brought change that brought them, or others, to Big Sky Country. "I have had no family here and my sister moved from Alaska to Helena," said Katy Donnely, a Helena resident of more than 30 years.

"I received a job offer out of the blue in Helena, and I moved from Cleveland, Ohio to Helena, July 1st," said Patrick Kander. "It's been amazing. I had never been here before, so I kind of took a leap, but I'm really happy I made the move."

"We moved here to Helena. We just moved, not even a month ago quite yet," said Elizabeth Wisner-Kinsey, who was with her daughters, Ziva and Chloe. "We'd been wanting to move somewhere less crowded for a while and Montana had a lot of the values and everything we were looking for."

While the COVID-19 pandemic put strain on many, it also had a way of bringing families and neighbors closer together. "I ended up spending more time with my grandchildren because the schools were closed," said Laurie Crutcher.

"COVID made us come together as a family," said Dana Meldrum, who was with her daughters Ava and Mattie. "A lot of quality time with the family."

"I got to spend more time helping out family bringing them things, and helping out neighbors that needed me to go to the store for them," said Amber Jones. "It just made me feel good to help other people out."

Along with the COVID-19 pandemic, brought the 2020 Election which sunk it's teeth deep into the Helena community. For one person, with the election over they're happy to see more civility.

"The attitude that people have had since the election has turned over. It seems like people are starting to get kinder again," said Ed Barrett.

Birthdays were still celebrated and enjoyed.

"My birthday," said Isaiah Sparks-Lowry, who spent his day with his parents and brother, Josiah, going to Parrot Confectionery and a local trampoline park.

This year brought with it trouble for many professions, and some were thankful they were able to still work and help others in the process.

"I work for George's Wine Distributing and my life has been, really trying to help restaurants make it through this challenging time," said Kevin Hamlin. "It's been really good to see everyone try to work hard to keep everyone in business."

For others, the COVID-19 pandemic gave people an opportunity to dive deeper into their hobbies and even revisit ones they dropped long ago.

"I ended up spending a lot of times in the hills and the mountains, hiking and biking," said Jennifer Murfitt.

“Got a guitar when the COVID shutdown started happening. And I've graduated from playing Smoke on the Water to a couple Led Zeppelin songs," said Connor Wicknick. "Just kind of working my way through an instrument I haven't played in a long time."

Though 2020 had it's share of ups and downs, KTVH and MTN wish a very happy new year to all and to, hopefully more "Good Things."