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PopCycle, new ice cream stand in Helena

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Posted at 3:14 PM, Jul 22, 2022

HELENA — A Helena ice cream e-bike is hitting the parks around town, all run by teens.

Some favorite sweet treats like character popsicles and Choco tacos, are usually only available by wholesale but, PopCycle has over 20 kinds of ice cream, plus cotton candy.

Pop Cycle was an idea curated by Mom and Dad, Rusty, and Onawa Linden to help Maggie, Sal-i, and Evey make their own money.

"My mom was like let's find a way for you guys to make money, so we decided to do a fun business selling popsicles, and then we got it, and now we have the PopCycle," said Sali.

For the 12 and 10-year-olds being able to meet new people and indulge in some snacks if they are lucky is fun.

"It's just like fun selling popsicles, and sometimes we get to eat them," said Maggie.

The girls intend to pay back the 8,000 dollars it took to make the bike, and then the rest will go towards saving,

"Our goal is to pay back the bike and then start making some allowance for college and just save. We go out a lot like two different events like Alive at 5, we did Symphony Under the Stars," said Sali.

Plus, the vibrant colors garner some attention as they drive past...

"We come by people, and they sometimes they ask us to come back and if you think we have a really fun business and we just like to be a part of Helen's downtown locals," said Sali.

You can keep up with where PopCycle will be on their Instagram and on their website.