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Ranching Co-op brings late-night bites to downtown Helena

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Posted at 4:08 PM, Oct 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-13 20:35:56-04

HELENA — A new spot to grab a bite to eat opened inside the Gold Bar in downtown Helena. The Old Salt Outpost offers certified grass-fed beef burgers through a farming co-op between three ranches.

“We needed a late-night joint down on the Gulch and this was a fun way to partner with Joe and Sarah and the Western and Gold Bar, who are really just bringing new life to this place in this part of the Gulch,” said Cole Mannix, Founder of the Old Salt Co-op and Outpost.

The new place to eat brings together three ranching families and using their grass-fed beef to consumers all within a bustling bar in downtown Helena.

“So it's really great to see a concerted effort around getting our local beef distributed to people who don't necessarily have access to it right now,” said Micah Eller, the Events Manager of the Old Salt Co-op.

Mannix says that part of the fun of having a late-night restaurant is meeting new people and the regulars of the bar.

"The Gold Bar and the Western Bar has its regular customers and then now you've got new folks coming in that have never quite set foot in here and you've got kids running around and you know, trying the fries, and so it's fun to just introduce it to new folks,” said Mannix.

The owners said customers during their soft opening on Oct. 7 had great feedback.

“A lot of people are excited about something to be downtown, late-night, and just good quality food like people are really excited about that,” said Ross Eikenbary.

The Old Salt Outpost is open from Wednesday through Saturday from 4:00 PM till 11:00 PM and 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM on Sundays.

The Old Salt Co-op hopes to open a meat delivery service in the spring of 2022.