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Steps to take if a dog runs away on the Fourth of July

Posted at 5:30 PM, Jun 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-01 14:44:16-04

HELENA -- As the Fourth of July gets nearer, a lot of fireworks will be launched over the coming days. While some dogs do pretty well with fireworks, a handful don't, and those loud noises can cause stress, making them do a handful of things, like running away.

Cassidy Cook, Director of Development and Communications for Lewis and Clark Humane Society said if your dog does run away, there are a handful of things that can be done to aid in the search.

"First steps are to call animal control. They are going to be the ones who can potentially do something about it, and always, always reach out to the Humane Society and see if anybody has brought your dog in," said Cook. "If we don't answer the phone, you can leave us a voicemail we get back to you."

Though posting fliers with a dogs picture and a reward is the standard for getting word out about a lost dog, Cook also noted that social media can be a valuable tool for finding furry friends.

"In this day and age, putting out a post on Facebook that says, 'My dog is missing' with several pictures of your dog is going to be one of the most helpful things that you can do, because it really gets rapid shares," said Cook. "People see it, they share it, they know what the dog looks like, and it's just a way quicker way to reach a lot of different people who then have figured out on their radar."

Scott Ward has been a dog owner for the last 10 years and said in his opinion, if no one's going to be home and your dog is afraid of fireworks, sometimes it might just be best to stay home.

"If you can't have somebody at the house, if your dogs are afraid of them, to comfort them, or if they're really skittish, your best option, maybe just take them for a drive until it's all over with. That way, you keep them from running off or getting scared," said Ward.

Cook also said one of the quickest and easiest ways to ensure your dog makes it's way home is to make sure it has a properly fit collar and a tag with up-to-date information.