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Women owned businesses in Montana rising

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Posted at 5:12 PM, Jul 27, 2022

HELENA — Women-owned businesses are on the rise, and according to the Census in 2021, 11 percent of Montana's businesses were owned by women and in Helena, there is one woman-owned business focused on helping small businesses.

In August 2018, Onawa Linden needed a job, and she decided to fill a gap in the marketing industry.

"Proof Marketing started of the need for a career, and I found a gap that wasn't being met here, so that's why I started a creative engine agency," said Onawa.

Proof Marketing has provided over 28 marketing campaigns for businesses across Helena and the state.

"We do a lot of websites branding like logo creation, social media, ads, paper, click, Google, a lot of management," said Onawa.

Proof focuses on creating a personal brand for each business they work with to meet their clients needs.

Onawa had focused on building a family-like environment in her business and even was able to have her husband Rusty join the business as Chief Operating Officer.

"She's the creative, I guess, and I'm maybe a little bit more the logistics so, seeing this business grow from inception and now his mind up to where it is now, she's done an amazing job of doing that, and I'm glad that now I get to be a part of that with her," said Rusty.

The Lindens are happy to provide their services in the town they grew up in.

"Having grown up here and having seen the way that things have changed over time and being able to give back to that community, you know it's just an honor to be able to do that, especially downtown and in our old stomping grounds," said Rusty.