Helena Public Schools needs more employees due to pandemic changes

As of Wednesday, they have 23 positions open.
Posted at 12:24 PM, Oct 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-21 21:00:24-04

HELENA — Helena Public Schools (HPS) says if you ever wanted to work within education, now is the time.

"Anybody entertaining the idea of working in education, this is the year to do it and give it a test run,” explains Stacy Collette, Human Resource Director for HPS. “See if that really is your mission and calling for a professional career-change, because we have a lot of positions available to explore. We'd be happy to explore that with [job seekers].”

HPS has over 20 open positions to explore. 20 may not seem like a lot, but Helena Public Schools have already hired an additional 200 employees to help within the schools. Traditionally, Stacy explains they would hire about 40 employees for a school year. The pandemic has added new challenges for the district.

“The pandemic has created a bit of a dynamic for us, in that, we have employees who need to work remotely,” says Collette. “They have medical accommodations. Instead of giving them a leave of absence, we've chosen to keep them job-connected. In order to do that, we still need to have on-site supervision for students in the classroom. So, we have had an uptick in need for employees across the board.”

Hiring across the board also includes hiring custodians and substitutes to help back up current employees.

“People who would normally sub for us are not able to sub or they've become ill. Our staff will obviously become ill as we move through this period of time. So, we need to have some back ups to help us keep school moving forward," says Collette.

As of October 21st, 2020, HPS has at least 23 positions available. They do expect the number to go up in the spring.

Helena Public Schools hope to have as many positions filled by Thanksgiving break.

To view the open positions, click here.