Helena swim team use latest tech to adapt to the pandemic

Helena Dolphins
Posted at 1:25 PM, Jan 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-07 13:52:33-05

HELENA — Along with businesses, sports are also adapting to the pandemic. MTN News visited with one Helena swim team that uses technology to continue swim practice while maintaining precautions.

“She doesn't have to scream at us when we are in the middle of the pool and we have to stop there and try and listen to her. She can actually just talk through the phone," says Brady Pershing, an 11-year-old swimmer for the Helena Dolphins.

Throughout 2020, the Helena Dolphins, a competitive year-round swim team, faced cancellations of competitions and other activities, but technology is helping them dive back into the water and keep their practice schedules.

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The head coach of the swim team implemented waterproof headphone technology to continue practices.

“It's been excellent. I've had to learn not to scream and yell, like you usually do as a coach,” laughs Alana Cunningham, the owner and head coach of the Helena Dolphins. “It's been really great not just for the social distancing. In training, I'm able to correct them in the moment of them swimming."

The swimmers say the technology is helpful in providing real-time feedback.

“Instead of getting tips at the end of when we're swimming, we get tips while we're swimming so we can fix the tips instead of doing it again and then wasting time," says Morgan May, a `12-year-old swimmer for the Dolphins.

“To hear your coach underwater, it's just a whole new part of swimming that can help everybody," says Andrey Butler, a 14-year-old swimmer.

The team still faces challenges. Not everybody can participate at the same time.

Swimming lanes are limited to just three swimmers each practice. However for Coach Alana, she is grateful technology can keep the team afloat.

“Technology has kind of been a huge factor in making sure this is working out, making sure they can hear me, and they're training as efficient as we can right now," says Cunningham.

For 2021, this swim team is hoping to get involved in more swim competitions that the pandemic canceled the previous year.